amotec AG

amotec AG

amotec AG

We are a Swiss company in the plant construction business.

We specialise in providing services and products for machinery installation and pipeline construction for process technology. These are process engineering systems used for processing and transporting liquid or powdered products.

We exclusively process and install stainless steel and aluminium products.

Our expertise in the construction of plants, pipelines, vessels and steel structures is based on long tradition. The present company at the Münsingen location was founded in 2002 and had emerged from Herbert Schneider AG in Konolfingen, founded in 1967.

We have a permanent workforce of 30 and supplement them, as necessary, by external specialists.

We are your partners during planning, construction and assembly, and provide 24-hour service and maintenance.

Our main focus is serving clients in the following industries:

Dairy, food and beverage industries; chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. At our workshop, we perform welding and metalworking tasks, as well as pre-assembly.

To our customers, we provide the service and maintenance of fittings, pumps, heat exchangers, etc.

We are certified for the construction and inspection of pipelines and pressure vessels.

Our skilled staff all have the required welder's qualification to EN ISO 9606-1.

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amotec AG

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repairs of vessels and tanks
steel construction use of stainless steel

amotec AG - we offer you

High quality and reliability, competitive pricing, timely completion.

timely completion.

High system availability due to high-quality components and solid construction.

Minimal downtime in case of intervention during running operation, shutdown.

Support et service après-vente.