Welding technology.

Dazzling expertise in all welding processes.

We are adept at both the automatic and manual art of welding.

Perfect welding results

Pipeline construction is what the orbital welding technique was made for. Orbital welding machines achieve results at the highest technical level. However, manual welding still makes up a large proportion of our work. Our certified welders work with modern welding appliances using the TIG and MIG/MAG/MMA processes. The ultra-pure welding and forming gases push the temper colours to the lower limit of the permitted colour spectrum.

Perfect weld seams

You can identify perfect weld seams through the even bead on the inside and outside, whereby the inner bead must be particularly narrow, even and non-porous. Depending on the respective requirements, post-processing can be carried out in the form of passivating, brushing or sanding to ensure the surface quality or dimensional accuracy.

Non-destructive testing methods

Various checks before and after welding ensure perfect welding results.

  • Incoming goods inspection
  • Inspection of produced elements (dimensional accuracy, cleanliness)
  • Ferrite measurement
  • Endoscopy
  • Function check of plant components
  • X-ray test (external)

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