amotec AG has comprehensive and many years of experience in pipeline construction and machinery installation. Installation of machinery requires expert competence, project-specific operations planning and organisation.An important part is the coordination with construction management and observing safety regulations. Our project management creates detailed construction sequences, always keeping the aspect of safety and an optimal assembly sequence in mind.

All our welders have the necessary welder's certificates. We work with modern TIG/MIG welding machines or with orbital welding devices.

The created welding seams feature a uniform and neat bead on the inside as well as on the outside. The inner side is narrow, even and has no pores. This is valid for welding seams made by hand as well as with orbital equipment.

Since high-purity welding and forming gases are used, the tempering colours are at the lowest limit of the permitted colour spectrum. During pipeline assembly, only tools are used that are intended for processing stainless steel.

Final assurance is provided by monitoring with non-destructive testing methods. To inspect the work, we use instruments such as video endoscopes and ferrite measuring devices. We measure the quality of the surface and apply pressure tests.