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Utmost hygienic and quality standards are valid in the dairy, food and beverage industries.

As a long-time partner for major and prominent producers in these fields, we know what we must observe to and what is demanded.

From the procurement and the assembly to the commissioning and the 24-hour service and maintenance; we take care of all concerns.

"Certified plants" must meet very strict requirements. Our assembly teams have the corresponding expertise.

This is supported by our seamless quality assurance. We can provide information in detail about every work step at any time and we create "as-built" documents for all of the plants we install. These provide information about the individual work phases, the utilised materials and their manufacturers.

To inspect the work, we use instruments such as video endoscopes and ferrite measuring devices.

In hospitals and nursing homes, we install pumps and dosing devices, including piping, for cleaning chemicals. We also perform service and maintenance on these machines.

We provide stainless steel pipeline construction for water and wastewater and for gas supply in industrial and medical applications.

We are active in the following industries:

Chocolate production
Milk processing
Yoghurt, desserts, ice cream
Cheese making factories
Meat processing
Vegetable processing
Honey processing
Beverage industry
Fruit juices

Skincare and cosmetic products
Detergent industry
• Tobacco industry

Fresh water supply
Bulk goods
Gas supply
• Print industry

Infusion solutions
Plasma products


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