Flyer steel construction

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a robust material of high quality with countless possibilities for application which increasingly leaves its mark on metal construction.Rust-free chromium-nickel steel features a high resistance against chemicals and cleansers and has great potentials due to its outstanding mechanical and physical characteristics.

steel construction certificate - EN 1090-1, exc 3

Stainless steel is employed in the field of steel construction where high standards are placed on the product such as corrosion resistance, functionality, durability and hygiene. amotec AG has many years of experience and possess the necessary expertise for first-class processing of stainless steel. We manufacture on modern machinery in our workshop of over 1.000 m2.

In locations where utmost cleanliness is obligatory, such as in food processing plants, in pharmaceutical and biotech industries as well as in hospitals, our steel construction products are employed.

Machines, silos and tanks need to be supported or installed on steel constructions. They have to be accessible for maintenance. Platforms, walkways, stairs and ladders are needed for that.

We have the required expertise to comply with all applicable hygiene standards. For design and dimensioning, we offer our customers consulting support in the early stages of the project.

From the simple maintenance walkway to the massive steel girder construction with grated platforms, stairs, ladders and railings, we can deliver everything in stainless steel.

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