Tanks and containers made of stainless steel are subjected to load changes.

Changing temperatures and mechanical and chemical influences lead to corrosion, cracking, leaking seams or mechanical damage over time.

However, a tank or container may also be modified over of time.

Modifications may include additional inlets and outlets, a different mixer, retrofitting for heating or cooling media, new gauges and so forth.

amotec AG possesses the CE 1250 certificate Module H for pressure devices, pressure containers and pipelines. This certificate authorises us to carry out all repairs on containers and pressure containers and piping systems up to several 100 bar.

Certificate Module H

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Reparaturen von Tanks und Behältern

Container polishing and grinding machine, tank repairs

For grinding and polishing work on the inner jackets of silos and containers, we possess two patented semi-automatic radial polishing and grinding systems.

The container grinding machine is employed on heavily scratched surfaces. Surface qualities of Ra 0.8 are achieved.

Depending on the requirements, the container polishing machine is employed afterwards. Surface qualities of Ra 0.4 are achieved with this system.

Both machines are overall systems which have the following features:

- Currently silos up to a Ø3.5m can be machined.
- A vertical column serves to hold the maintenance platform and the machine mounts / supports.
- The maintenance platform guarantees a safe working at a height.
- The integrated cable winch is used of stepless height positioning of the maintenance platform.

The radial feed of the machines is provided by bevel gears. The operator only needs to actuate a dead-man switch for that.

When carrying out grinding work in the tank, the mechanics are equipped with optimal protective equipment. The tank is ventilated with fresh air – dust and dirt are exhausted.

Our mechanics are optimally trained for working at heights. They work in a team while observing the safety regulations.

PT - dye penetrant testing

repairs of vessels and tanks

damage localization

repairs of vessels and tanks

Repair of cracks in silo walls, tank repairs

For the localisation of cracks in containers, silos and pipeline systems, we use PT dye penetrant testing.

For the dye penetrant test, the surface is cleaned before the penetrant is applied. Afterwards the developer is applied.

The developer penetrates the cavities of the test piece through capillary action and extracts residual penetrant. The colour contrast makes it possible to locate damaged areas and to determine the paths of cracks.

We possess the certification required in accordance with EN ISO 9712 to carry out PT tests.