Servicing, maintenance and repairs.

Expert support and consistent guidance.

We carry out needs-based maintenance, servicing and repair work.

We're on the spot

Every service is precisely tailored to the customer’s needs. Depending on the requirement specifications, we complete short-term assignments (interventions) or plan inspection work for plants or individual components such as valves, pumps, sliders, heat exchangers, cellular wheel sluices, etc. Our main objective is the availability of plants and their economically viable maintenance. Our service employees are on call round the clock, 365 days a year.

Tank and container repair

Despite stainless steel’s high level of resistance, tanks and containers can still be subject to mechanical and chemical effects over the years. This is why we have the CE 1250 certificate Module H for pressure equipment, pressure vessels and pipelines.

  • It qualifies us to repair tanks, containers and pipeline systems up to several 100 bar.
  • In addition, we modify tanks and containers, e.g. by installing additional inlets and outlets, a new stirrer or new instrumentation.

Sanding and polishing

Does the surface of a container no longer meet your requirements? amotec holds patents for specific sanding and polishing systems. They allow us to sand and polish container surfaces to a defined surface roughness, as well as ventilating the tank to vacuum out dust and dirt.

We are presently able to sand and polish containers of any height up to a diameter of 3.5 m, and to a surface roughness of Ra 0.8 to 0.4 µm.

Fine tuning instead of new purchases
Allow us to propose an offer! You can make great savings by avoiding new purchases:

  • high investment costs
  • long delivery times
  • risk of longer production downtimes

Cracked silo walls

Are you currently experiencing an emergency or planning container repairs? We are able to analyse cracks in silo walls using a non-destructive testing method and to repair mechanical damage. The documented analysis can be carried out within a day.

  • We handle short-term assignments without bureaucracy.
  • Or we can plan out a service with a budget and scheduling.

Valve and device inspection.

A key factor for efficient production and long-lasting plants.

Discover the advantages of predictive planning for all required maintenance and inspection tasks. You thus reduce the risk of breakdowns, minimise downtimes, and extend the service life of a plant.

More than a supplier: our partner for visual inspection

Invert Robotics
Invert Robotics

Invert Robotics is specialized in safer visual inspections.

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